Andrew Griffiths, Horizons Research Assoicate

It’s Like Being A Rock Star As An Associate At Horizons!

Andy Griffiths, Horizons Associate

Who remembers The Associates? You might be from a certain era or love a particular genre of music if you do, but for those unfamiliar, they were an iconic post-punk and ‘new pop’ band, hailing from Dundee and performing in the 1980s. If you haven’t listened to them, you really should!

The music is lyrical, emotional, intense, and powerful. Lead singer Billy Mackenzie hit notes that made an impact, and they created memories for me that still last.

Must be something about ‘associates’, then.

I am an associate with Horizons Research, an organisation that is committed to work that makes a difference, has social justice at its heart, and works with clients who are focused on public service and improving people’s lives.

And, in its own way, this work is evocative of that amazing Scottish band – social research and learning partnerships that depend on relationships, language, and vision; work that is often rooted in strong emotions; and an intense focus on work that has a powerful impact.

I love being an associate at Horizons. I have been involved in providing facilitation of leadership development, coaching individuals, writing scenarios and reports that create new ways of thinking for clients, and leading work on whole family approaches through partnership working across sectors in Perth and Kinross.

Why do I do this work? Because it’s at my core. Although I may run my own business, I believe in the power of collaboration. When two aligned organisations come together, beautiful things can happen!

There’s not only added capacity, there is expertise, experience, and new ideas. I spent many years as a chief officer in local government, focusing on education and children’s services. I know about this arena. This adds value to the work Horizons delivers, and at the same time Horizons adds value to me. I learn, I grow, and I flourish and thrive working with an eclectic range of thoughtful people who have integrity at their core.

Different clients have different needs. And that involves different thinking.

As an associate, it’s like being part of an extended family. We all ‘get each other’, there’s work to be done, but with compassion and importantly with fun!

So, it’s a privilege to be an associate at Horizons. Like that eponymous band, when talented individuals come together, they can make beautiful music. And the only thing that doesn’t resonate here with the musical Associates is in their song ‘Party Fears 2’. Although I love this track, in my experience, there is a warmth and a dignity of working with parties like Horizons, nothing to fear, only hitting the right note and celebrating the difference we make together. Here’s to more association!

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