Our Work

Our Values, Who we're looking to work with


How do I know if Horizons will be a good fit for my organisation?

Good relationships are the context for collaboration, so come and talk to us and see if there’s a fit. We like to create learning partnerships with organisations, offering a range of methods and expertise and experience to support your work. Have a nose around this site and you’ll get a sense of who we are and what we’re about.


When we set out over ten years ago, we said we wanted to do work that was ‘fun, interesting and worthwhile’. Ten years on and that’s not changed; we still want to support those working in public services and help make services better for people. We’ve been lucky to work with some truly wonderful organisations and inspiring people over the years and we like that energy.

Who are we looking to work with?

We want to work with organisations that are curious about their impact, who want to improve their services, better understand how to work within complex systems, those who want to experiment and reflect on their own practice and definitely those who want to work with the insights and wisdom on the communities they serve.

We can help. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for working alongside individuals and organisations, bringing capacity, energy, ideas and tools to support practice and learning. We don't think of ourselves as consultants, more a collective of people with different skills and experiences looking to support you in whatever you’re trying to do.

Who have we worked with?

We’ve worked with well over a hundred organisations right across the UK over the last ten years - too many to name here - but we tend to work with central and local government, funders, Health and Social Care Partnerships, the 3rd sector, community groups, research bodies and the private sector. Our more recent work has had a particular focus within health, education, children’s services, social work and enterprise.