A group of people discuss the finding of a report by Alex Scroggie of Horizons Research

Multiple and Complex Needs conference

The Multiple and Complex Needs (MCN) conference on June 2nd, hosted by the ADP South Ayrshire, presented the research of Alex Scroggie on the support experiences of people with Multiple and Complex Needs and co-occuring drug or alcohol problems.

The presentation was to a room of professionals and stakeholders in the field and region who responded passionately and thoughtfully to the points made. By sitting amongst the tables of attendees, I was able to experience reactions as a more unseen presence than a member of the research team.

This was helpful to gauge how people engaged and viewed their own role in relation to the issues raised. Many were on board with the key findings, but still lost on how to make the immediate next steps in improving the overall system experience for the users. There was a consensus on a need for a multidisciplinary approach – both in terms of knowledge and resources. This would help to address the breadth of an individual’s issues, where their complexity was too much for one service alone.

The atmosphere was motivated to help people in need, a common goal that fosters conversations and by extension better communication and collaboration down the line. The delicious array of doughnuts and cakes also helped.

Catie Rosko was a Robertson Trust Fellow completing an internship with Horizons Research in 2023

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