Ida Henrich

Welcome Ida

Hi! I’m Ida! I’m the new Creative. I have been working with Horizons on a freelance basis since 2019 and am excited to join the team as staff.

Design can help absorb complexity by displaying information in a straightforward and enjoyable way. I support the Horizons team making their research communicate with creative energy and precision. I develop branding for clients and reports, which create a consistent journey. Reading our research should be an enjoyable ride with the goal to bring positive change.

We can read an image much faster than a paragraph of text, making an illustration a powerful tool. I develop custom styles for each project in order to get the best outcomes for each client. Cartoons, for example, allow me to play with complex themes and create worlds with different realities, like windows into ideas. They are flexible, friendly and incredibly fun. Cartoons express freedom of imagination, which is why the style is perfect for exploring research reports and to communicate their messages to a wider audience.

My approach to starting a project is all about communication. I sit down with the team and clients to find out exactly what they want to say. I then develop rough sketches to discuss and develop further into a final outcome. The guided design process should be an enjoyable journey with an effective outcome.

I have a wide set of skills from illustration, graphic design, branding, photography, storytelling to video editing. I have a degree in Communication Design from the Glasgow School of Art and experience working as an Art Editor for a mental health project, as a video editor and image archivist. When I’m not working for Horizons, I’m also a successful creative freelancer having worked with clients such as the South Ayrshire Drug and Alcohol Partnership as well as brands including Global Citizen, the RSPB Scotland and the Dundee Contemporary Arts.

Have a look around our site and see what I do and get in touch, whether you’re an existing client of Horizons or not, I’m happy to have a chat about ways I can use design to support your work.

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