What and who is Horizons Research?

We're a limited company, a mix of employees, senior associates and collaborators. We're based in Glasgow's lovely Merchant City but work across the UK.

We sometimes struggle to neatly say what we do. We work in the interesting space between and across research, policy, evaluation, design and leadership. We increasingly undertake research, evaluation and learning projects in the public sector, reflecting perhaps the increasing need for organisations to better understand their impact and consider new ways of working.

We like to do work that contributes to system change and public good.

  • We're commercial but we are not driven by profit
  • We have high professional standards for all our work but we maintain a light heartedness in our approach
  • We listen to the needs of our partners and meet them wherever they're at

Meet the team

Lewis Bloss

Senior Researcher

Aletia Crichton

Contracts Manager

Paul Hart

Senior Developer

Ida Henrich

Illustrator and designer

Hannah Jeffery

Senior Researcher

Hannah Johnstone

Senior Researcher

Robert Rae

Chief Exec

Alex Scroggie

Senior Researcher


Tara McGregor


Gregory White


Andrew Griffiths


Graham Lee