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Whole Family Approaches in Perth and Kinross

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Fingerprints are unique, but they have common characteristics. They create our own identity, no one is like us. But we are all people.

So is the same for families. We would all assume we know what a family is. Features include parents, children, extended members, can be by birth, by adoption. What about cousins, or nieces? And what about the circumstances? Fair to say, whilst we think we know what ‘families’ are, once we stop and think, we are faced with the reality that they are unique too. Fingerprints are made of skin…but they are all different.

That’s the complexity and the challenge we are faced with to ensure that whole family approaches are about strategic and pragmatic approaches that can make a difference whilst keeping each and every family at the centre.

The Scottish Government’s commitment to whole family approaches “is for family support to be readily available to families that need it. We want to make sure that families are able to access the help they need, where and when they need it. This will enable us to create a Scotland where more children will only know care, compassion and love, and not a ‘care system’. That commitment is our klaxon call for a better world where families can thrive and flourish.

So, we are delighted at Horizons to be working in partnership with Perth and Kinross in supporting their journey with whole family wellbeing.

Funding from the Scottish Government to each local authority area allows for a range of developments and new approaches to be taken. Although this funding lasts until 2026, we have a great opportunity to build new ways of supporting families, listening to their voices, shaping our services and enabling our staff to make a difference to lives.

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Early intervention is at the heart of success.

That’s why our work with Perth and Kinross is important. So far, we have provided deep research and analysis of provision, funding and outcomes, working with committed colleagues across the public and third sectors.

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Our Horizons Insights report has been well received and provides a clear context for the whole family journey in Perth and Kinross, and provides a narrative around the areas that are working really well, but crucially explores the barriers and challenges to change so that we can now move forward. Our report, which is based on a considerable number of interviews, evidence gathering and analysis, gives a comprehensive exploration of key themes and areas that are emerging. The recommendations are structured under a ‘Public Value Proposition’, where key action can be taken in a structured and well-directed way.

We are at an exciting point now in our journey. We are supporting colleagues across Perth and Kinross to put together strategies and practical approaches that will help families across the region to lead positive lives that are supported in the right way and at the right time.

Whole family approaches are full of complexity, uncertainty, volatility and ambiguity. Yet, we can make progress and take steps that create more clarity, calmness, and understanding, being more agile and visionary in our methods.

Perth and Kinross is a unique area. It has unique families with their own needs and aspirations.

Horizons is a unique organisation that is committed to supporting our partners in that journey. We have our own fingerprint, and it’s one that makes a significant mark.

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